Friday, May 30, 2008

Road Trip Baby!!!

So yesterday, right after I promised to come back later and update you on life here with the kids and the cakes, I went to visit for a minute with my fellow dreadheads to check and see if I had a message from my new pretend BFF, Betsy Castro (aka Jason's mom). She and I are the same age, and although it freaks me out just a bit to know that I'm old enough to have a 21 year old kid (YIKES!), she has raised three fabulous kids and I plan to pick her brain as much as she'll let me!

ANYWAY, while I was checking in with the dreadheads, I discovered that it was "Jason Castro Day" in Rockwall, TX and there was going to be a parade and Jason was giving a mini-concert. Ya'll, I packed up those four kids and we headed 3 and 1/2 hours up the road. My air-conditioning went out, so we had the windows down and my left arm and left leg are quite sunburned, but it.was.totally.worth.every.single.second!!!

We parked at Jason's church and road the bus over to the concert...that was the highlight of little Dave's day...he's wanted to ride a school bus forever!

One lady had put a hat with fake dreads on her dog!!! Jonathan wanted a hat like that! :)

Jason received several gifts and awards, but I found it so exciting that when the Mayor gave him the key to the city, he mentioned all of Jason's mission trips to Russia as well as his singing and charity work...way cool!

Finally, we got to hear Jason sing live and in person....fabulous, absolutely fabulous! They've just uploaded several videos from the event here if anyone wants to go take a look. Our favorite was when he sang "Deep in the Heart of Texas" with his very, very cool.

It was just so fun to see him smiling and enjoying himself. And then, his pastor got up and talked about how he had been visiting the dreadhead's site and he realized that it wasn't Jason's hair, or his voice that had captivated America, but it was his faith that really drew people in. Then he asked everyone to pray with him, and he prayed a prayer of commissioning over Jason to go out and do the will of God in his life. Like I said, totally worth every second!!!

I have never joined a fan club before, but I must say that I'm proud to be Dreadhead #2656, and I'm so glad to have a musical artist that both my kids and I enjoy and that I can feel good about them listening to. So thank you Mr. and Mrs. Castro for raising such a fine young man, and thank you Jason, for listening to your parents! But especially for hearing God's call and answering! Can't wait to see what you do next!


Mocha with Linda said...

So when is the dreadhead cake coming?!

julie said...

How exciting! He is a cutey!!!!