Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guess What....I Baked a Cake!!!

I believe I mentioned not too long ago that I have cut back on the cakes just a little bit. I had decided that while I certainly needed the money that the cakes bring in, I was not finding enough time to complete other things that really should come first. I believe with all my heart that homeschooling is best for my kids. I also believe that keeping the house in order and making good food for the family is important. Those were the kinds of things that were being neglected in order to get the cakes done. So...I decided that I would not take orders for more than two cakes per week with just a few exceptions. I have had to turn a few people away. But then, it seemed that I was getting fewer and fewer orders. I went a couple of weeks with no orders at all. I've even had orders that were cancelled for various reasons. But finally, this week I got an order! It was short notice, but with no other orders in awhile, I was willing to fit it in! It was for a baby favorite reason for making a cake by the way... for two different ladies who were each having a boy, and she wanted it to go with the plates, napkins etc. but be a little more "boyish" with blues, greens and yellows being the main colors. Here is the picture she sent me.

And this is the cake I delivered to her.

AND for those who have been hanging out here for awhile...I got a card in the mail yesterday from the mother of this bride thanking me for doing such a great job on the cake. I told you I liked this family! I still never heard whether the bride was happy with the final result, but apparently her parents and the other guests and family commented quite favorably on both the look and the taste of the cake, so that made me happy. I rarely hear from people after the fact...obviously, how many times do we call the restaurant the next day to tell them we enjoyed our meal the night before? So it was really nice to hear from this family and to know that they were pleased with the cake! It was really very thoughtful of her, don't you think?

Well, the kids are wanting to eat...of all things...and I have much to do around here, so I'm off for now. I've been spending some time the past couple of days reading and commenting on blogs I've not been able to visit in awhile, so if you have missed me at your place, I'll be by soon! And I have a couple of new people who have left comments here that I want to check out as well! It's so fun meeting new people isn't it?

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Kelli said...

Cute, as always!

Sarah said...

Oooh, not only getting to do a baby shower cake but for twins! You did an awesome job on it. It looks like you used those real miniature clothespins on the line. Did you do the clothes & bib out of fondant? Candy? Gum?