Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Football Season has Begun!

Well, I just cancelled my Blockbuster movie service. Football season started last week, and I've had one DVD here waiting to be watched for 2 weeks. Not to mention that I have 2 episodes of "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" and 2 episodes of "Iron Chef America", as well as a few "Emeril Lives" and "Paula Deens" waiting for me on the DVR.

Since I started running in the mornings, I lost my tv time. I used to record my shows and then watch them sans commercials in the morning before the kids got up. Since I've been running at 6:15am (aack!!!), there has been no time for tv. I really don't know what I'm going to do when "House", "24", and "American Idol" return with new episodes. There may be some serious twitching going on here!

So, just to catch you all up...Benji and Jon are playing tackle football, Maddie will be cheering for one or the other, or maybe even both teams! Jon had asked me a few months ago if he could play football again (he switched to soccer last year), but I thought it was too late to sign him up and still get the discounted price I paid for the other two by signing them up early, and there was NO WAY we could afford to pay full price. However, he asked again during practice yesterday if there was any way he could play, so I asked, and because they are sooooo nice, they let me sign him up for the discounted "returning player" fee since he did play in the past. So, today will be spent trying to get a last-minute physical done, buying new shoulder pads and various other equipment that he'll need...sigh.

I've also had to seriously cut back on the number of cakes I am making because time is quite short here between school and football. Not really a good time to be forking out all this extra money, if you know what I mean! However, I'm convinced that God will provide all that we need, and when He does, I promise to come back here and let you all know how He did it! Won't that be fun? Maybe I'll start my own meme and have people write posts about ways God provided for their needs in unexpected ways! I like that idea. In fact, I may even have a great giveaway for the occasion!

You see, I've just received my first "blogging perk" in the mail. Zondervan publishing contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading a new book they have out and writing a review here on the blog. The book has nothing to do with cakes, kids, dishes, OR laundry, but for some reason, they asked me to review it. I received the book this week and have only gotten through the introduction and part of the first chapter so far, but I'm excited about reading it. When I'm all finished, if it turns out to be as good as I think it will be, I'll give away a copy. So everyone be thinking of and watching out for ways that God has or does provide for you in unexpected ways, and I'll get a button designed and get this thing going soon. STAY TUNED!!!

Well, it's time to get started on my day. Yes, I'm still cooking two big meals each day, at the moment it is breakfast and our noon meal. During football season, we have to leave the house by 5:00pm and don't return until around 8:30pm at the earliest. And since I don't want to fill the kids up with a big meal right before practice, and I definitely don't want to come back and have to put on a big meal AFTER practice, I cook "dinner" at noon and they kids have a light meal after practice while rotating their turns in the bathtub! I do have another recipe to share with you all, but as I said, it's time to fix breakfast around here, so I'm off for now!

Thanks for stopping by, and ya'll come back now...ya' hear?!?

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Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Wow jogging at 6:15... impressive! And I think the whole sharing how God provides thing is a GREAT idea! He is so faithful!