Friday, January 7, 2011

Apparently, it's a new trend...

Okay, so in addition to NOT writing on the blog for half a year, I also haven't been reading blogs all that much. As most of you probably know, Facebook has kind of taken over as the way we all stay in touch with each other. It's so much easier to post a quick status than to, you know, compose an ENTIRE post that will hold the interest of whomever might stop by to read it.

So, with my new commitment to actually show up here and try to produce some sort of post every now and then, I decided to go ahead and check in with some of my old favorite blogs and just see what everyone else has been up to. Here's what I found...

1) at least 1/3 of the blogs I used to read daily haven't posted in at least 6 months either and some have been silent for more than a year!

2) another 1/3 of my former favorites, have abandoned their previous blogs, and started new ones under a new name.

3) the final 1/3 are still posting regularly and are as amusing and delightful as ever to read! It's good to visit with old friends again, I might add. :)

So, while I actually thought of some things to post about this I was NOT sleeping, but should have been (which could mean that I may not have had any good ideas at all...and could really just use some sleep), I began to think about the fact that this blog-o-mine really needs a good old fashioned overhaul. I need to clean up the sidebar and get rid of somethings that are no longer priorities for me, and add some new things that currently delight me. I need a new background and header. And I'm perhaps in need of a whole new blog name. I'm just not sure that the title still reflects life around here as accurately as it did when I began this blogging adventure. Of course, the kids still come first--mostly, but I'm backing off from the cakes and cookies, and let's be honest, the dishes and the laundry are merely pipe dreams that will perhaps be all caught up in the year 2025 when the last kid finally flies the coop...or Jesus comes back, whichever.

So, what do the two of you who might be reading this think? Should I archive this blog and begin again? Should I just overhaul this one, name and all and move forward? Or should I just leave it alone and get to posting something interesting for a change???

Comments will remain open until someone posts an answer I like. :)


Cheri said...

I'm still reading (especially since I use a reader and don't have to click over everyday to see who's posting).

Doesn't matter what you do - just don't stop this new trend! I've missed you!

(Oh, and I'm not blogging anymore right now either. I miss it, but things...)

Vicki said...

I just stopped following link after link after link, and ended up here! I, too, have been neglecting my little blog, although it's only been about 6 weeks between my last post and the one I finally got up yesterday!

I once had a boss whose favorite saying was, "Change is GOOD!" (We, the supervised, always dreaded hearing that!) I am always reluctant to let go of the old and familiar and comfortable, but sometimes change brings about a new excitement...perhaps even a new enthusiasm for blogging! Soooo...make a little change here and there. If it feels good, keep on doing it. If it gives you heart palpitations, stop! :)

Now, if you found an answer in the above nonsense that you like, go for it! :) I'll come back for another visit.

Unknown said...

Ditto to Cheri.

Crazy that you and I both blogged two days in a row!