Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting Schooled by Aunt Ruby

At the family reunion last week, I was sitting and talking to my Aunt Ruby. We were discussing our shoes. I was wearing my everyday pair of Nikes and she was wearing some sort of walking shoe. She mentioned that she liked my shoes and wasn't really happy with hers but that they seemed the most practical for the conditions. I agreed that I normally would have been wearing my Crocs flip flops, but the rocky terrain had persuaded me to pull on the Nikes instead.

She told me that she always wore heels in the past, but that she just couldn't do it any more. (I believe Aunt Ruby is somewhere near 91 years old.) I mentioned to her that I could no longer wear heels myself for more than an hour or so before I was completely miserable. Then I mentioned to her that my mother-in-law still wears heels and she is 77 years old!

Aunt Ruby's response to that? "Well, of course, I did too when I was that young!"


Mocha with Linda said...

That's priceless!!

Mother Hood said...

I LOVE it!

Mother Hood said...

By the way, found you on CWO. I love your blog. Come on by Homestic Affairs for visit. I'm currently hosting a give away!

Tracey said...

that is too cute!!!

Been a long time...hope all is well!