Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Love the Movies!

I love seeing a good movie.

I love to snuggle up in my bed with all the kids and watch movies together.

I love it when they all bring their blankets and pillows into the living room and we all fall asleep watching movies together.

And I really love having the house all to myself for an entire day, and sitting in my favorite chair with either a Vanilla Coke Zero, or a hot cup of coffee, and watching a movie ALL.BY.MYSELF...aahhh.

But the best way to watch a movie, is on the Big Screen!

Can you remember sitting in the theater watching "Star Wars" and hearing the entire theater cheer when Luke Skywalker finally made the shot that took down the Death Star?

When I took my two oldest boys to see "Facing the Giants", we shared the theater with a group of teen-agers, who cheered and laughed out loud with us through the whole movie. It made it so much better to share it with them.

And you know there's nothing better than Movie Theater Popcorn...even the Diet Coke tastes better at the theater! (Even though I'm now relegated to air-popped, salt-free popcorn, the dream still lives in my head!)

With four kids and a limited income, it isn't often that I get to go to the theater and watch a first run movie on the Big Screen, so when I received an email asking me to "Go to the theater and watch a movie!", I jumped at the chance! Next week, my sister and I will be seeing "Inkheart" together, and I'm so very excited. I've not seen any reviews yet, so I have no pre-conceived ideas about this movie at all. I've seen the commercial on TV and my first thought was, "That sounds a lot like 'The Never-Ending Story'! I loved that movie!!"

So, I am posting the movie trailer here for you all to see, and I will be back after I have seen the movie and let you know what I thought of it. And as an added bonus, I'll post my oh-so-simple recipe for White Chocolate Popcorn, which makes the air-popped popcorn totally worth eating!

If anybody else has seen "Inkheart", or plans to see it this week, then by all means, come back and add your opinions to the "official review" when I post it. But don't tell me anything yet! Since I'll be reviewing it, I don't want to go in with other people's opinions about it already in my head.

But if you want to recommend any other movies to me, please feel free! I love getting recommendations for good movies!


Mel said...

i too rarely get to go to the theater so i look forward to hearing your review.

Cheri said...

We go to the movies about once a month, but I've GOT to find a cheaper way to do it - it's getting way too expensive.

RE: Inkheart. My son left me this post it: INKHEART in theatres Jan 23. MUST SEE!!!!

Do you think he's seen the commercials?! I'm rereading the book, which The Boy refuses to do since the books are never anything like the movie and that will "Just ruin it".

RealEstateGirl said...

Hey Mel,
It's been a while, huh?! Hope all is well with you! Love the new look on the blog!
Tracey :-)