Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But Mom...It wasn't me!

I have noticed lately that whenever something is spilled, or missing, or lying in the middle of the floor, inevitably the phrase I hear coming from my children is, "David did it!" It makes sense you know. David is two and not really able to defend himself. He sees no need to defend himself, and it doesn't bother him one bit that everything is blamed on him. I'm not sure he even notices to tell you the truth, and honestly he probably is the culprit most of the time. It's just how he rolls.

So a few weeks ago, when I walked out of my bathroom and noticed a large wet spot on the side of my bed at just the right height to have been a little "accident" from a certain two-year-old boy, the first thing I thought was, "DAVID!!!"

So, as I'm murmuring under my breath about being too old to have a two-year-old boy running loose in my house, I started to take the sheets off of my bed, and tried to figure out in my head how I was going to manage to get all the water tubes off the bed by myself to get the dust ruffle off and cleaned as well....

Oh, did I not mention that we have a waterbed? Can you see where this is going? As I started to remove the sheets, I noticed that the "wet spot" was much larger than my original observation. The mattress was wet in much more than that one "perfect accident" spot. My waterbed had sprung a leak! Poor little David was completely innocent...this time anyway.

So, Benji, Jon and I hauled the top mattress out to the living room, and then hauled the watertubes one at a time out to the driveway. There were seven tubes in all. Each weighed at least 40 pounds. They were 6 feet long each. And carrying them out of the house was similar to carrying a dead least what I suppose carrying a dead body would be like, since I've never actually hauled a dead body before. The problem was, the water in the tubes kept sloshing, so the weight of our dead bodies kept shifting. Just think "Three Stooges" and you'll get a pretty good picture of what we looked like!

Well, we finally got all of the tubes out, I took off the dust ruffle and threw it in the was beyond washing...apparently there had been a slow leak for quite some time, but it was leaking from the bottom, and we never knew it.....yuck! So the three smallest kids and I headed up to IKEA and picked out a new mattress (we were really over the waterbed anyway) and a new bedspread that goes all the way to the floor and didn't require a dust ruffle, while Benji stayed home and used the Bissell Spot Lifter to clean the bottom mattress, and then used the blow dryer to get it dry before we got home.

Once we got the mattress home, Benji and I hauled it into the bedroom and got the sheets and the new bedspread on all before Ben even came in from work! He was a tad surprised to drive up and see our mattress and the 7 dead bodies lying in the driveway, but he was even more surprised to find the brand new mattress and spread already on the bed! He disposed of the bodies and the top mattress for us, and we enjoyed a great night's sleep on our new, firm, dry bed!

Have I mentioned that dull moments are rare around here????????


Mocha with Linda said...

I am quite impressed. Especially because I would never just go buy something big like a mattress by myself. Being married to an engineer means he likes to inspect and evaluate Every.Thing. (well, the big purchases!)

Not complaining. Just a fact.

Darlene R. said...

That sounds like a lot of work, woman! I'm glad you found it when you did.

Denise said...

That was the funnies story...I wish I could have been there to see the comedy!

Cheri said...

Did you not know that the "current" thing to do would've been to film the whole event, then post it on YouTube? And when I get back to the states with all the glories of cable internet or some such thing, I could actually watch it?

Next, time, plan the catastrophes just a lttle better so we can all share! ;-)

luvmy4sons said...

A water bed? Really? Oh, was there more to the story? I couldn't get past that point! LOL! Only joking! What a hoot!