Sunday, September 23, 2007

Have I mentioned my love for all things football????

Okay, it's bragging time here at Kids, Cakes, etc...

I haven't posted too much about the football season, because quite frankly it didn't start out too well for any of my teams. The Longhorns have been winning, but not convincingly, and people around here are completely freaked out by that. A narrow win, just doesn't do it for Longhorn fans.

Then my Texans let David Carr go, and that made me angry, but they have been winning, so I suppose I'll forgive them...maybe.

Benji's team started out their first game with a 12-0 lead, and then completely blew the rest of the game and got toasted. The next two games were no better. Then yesterday, they came to play! I was only able to stay for the first half because we had an unfortunate conflict with Jon's game, but I did get to see Benji catch his first pass in a game! It was quite the proud moment. They have been practicing a new play where they throw him the ball, but so far it hasn't made it into a game. He is a starting Wide Receiver, but they haven't been running pass plays this season. They promised him they would get the new play in for this week's game. I was praying they would do it before I had to leave. (I was also praying that he would actually catch it! :) Cause it's a whole lot easier to do in practice than it is in the actual game when there is another team doing their best to keep you from catching it!) They didn't actually run the play, but while B was blocking for the guy who was supposed to be catching the pass, he realized the guy had run the wrong route, so B broke off of his block and made a diving catch for a ten yard gain on the play! I was quite the proud mama, let me tell you! I won't mention the fact that when I left we were winning 13-7, but apparently they completely fell apart in the second half and the other team ended up winning. I won't mention that because it makes me sad, and I just want to revel in the glow of B's first catch in a game...

Now Jon's team has been the complete opposite, they started out their first game poorly, and lost 6-24. But since then, they have won 3 games straight and not allowed a single point scored against them! Jon started out as a wide receiver on offense and a linebacker on defense. He played these positions because in practice he could catch pretty well, and he was really good at tackling. The tackling took them all by surprise because he is probably the littlest guy on the team, although one of the oldest! Anyway, Jon wasn't doing as well at these positions as he would like, because they required speed, and that is one thing Jon does not have! So, I spoke to his coach, and just mentioned that Jon really wanted to play on the offensive line. He was shocked, because Jon is so little, but I assured him that blocking was one of Jon's best talents, so the next game, he put him on the line and guess what? Jon is now officially on the offensive line! His coach told me that he rewound the game tape a few times just to make sure that it was really Jon knocking those bigger kids on their tails and even pushing one back 5 yards!

So, Jon was enjoying his spot on the offensive line, but he was still playing linebacker on defense. Now linebacker was exactly the position Jon wanted to play, however, again the speed thing was keeping him from being able to make as many tackles as he would have liked. He was able to get in on a few, but he wasn't ever able to be the first contact and make a tackle himself. However, that all changed yesterday. Yesterday, they put Jon on the defensive line for some reason and on his first play, he busted through the offense and made the tackle behind the line of scrimmage all by himself! You should have seen the look of pure joy on that boy's face! As soon as he had the chance he ran over to the fence to make sure I knew that he had made a tackle all by himself! When we got home, he was taking his gear off, and he just looked at me and smiled and said, "I really like that defensive line!"

And, of course, the girl has done a great job cheering as well. She is one of the youngest, but she is able to learn and memorize all the cheers and moves as well as the bigger girls. I've had a couple of the football player's mom's comment that she looks like she was just born to be a cheerleader and that she looks like she could have just stepped out of a 1950's cheer squad. She just looks the part I guess. The important thing is that she is having fun cheering for her brother's team, and he likes having her out there cheering for him!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those moms who thinks her kids are just the best and do everything right! In fact, I could list many, many examples of missed open-field tackles, bad attitudes, shoving other players to the ground because they made fun of your size...and on and on... But I actually had some stuff to brag on this week, so I chose those things as the fodder for this post, because it's my blog, and I can post what I want to! LOL!

Well, I've got a cake ready to decorate, a two-year-old to put down for a nap, and my Texans are playing the Colts today and the game will actually be TELEVISED! (Ever since Vince Young signed with the Titans, we get the Titan games on tv here instead of the Texans games....sigh.) So, I'll be recording the NASCAR race to watch later, and watching the Texans' game live while doing laundry and trying to clean up this pigsty! Ben has the three older kids over at his mom's house for a visit, so it's just little D and me here this afternoon. A perfect scenario for housecleaning and football watching! (At least while he's napping anyway!)

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Darlene R. said...

Hi Melody! I just wanted to know if it was alright that I linked to your blog from mine. I got tired of going through other blogs to get here!
I am so excited that the Texas Longhorns are going to be on ABC this weekend. We won't miss that!
So sorry that the Colts beat your Texans on Sunday! Yes, that was a tad bit sarcastic! They definately made them work for it!!I will be rooting for the Horns on Saturday! Hook'em Horns!