Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She's Back!


P.J. Sugar that is! If you recall, two of my favorite fiction characters by Susan May Warren are Josey, and P.J. Sugar. Both are intriguing, insightful, and very, very funny. So, I was absolutely delighted when I received my copy of the second book in the P.J. Sugar series, "Double Trouble"! The story picks up almost where the "Nothing But Trouble" left off, so I don't feel as if I've missed out on anything while waiting...patiently, ahem...for the second book. :)

The story is filled with all the things I loved about the first book: P.J. getting herself into dangerous situations that she thinks she can handle by herself, but never can; two guys fighting both to protect, and love her--one a former Navy SEAL, and her boss-- the other, her high school sweetheart and fellow trouble-maker turned police detective. Romance, mystery, and lots and lots of laugh-out-loud humor make this yet another of my favorite Susan May Warren books. It's a fun and entertaining read that holds your attention and leaves you wanting more.

And more there is! Susan is giving away an amazing prize package to celebrate the release of the book, and it is just as fun as the book itself! You can click on the "Double the Sass" button above to enter the Double Trouble Prize Package Giveaway! The giveaway ends February 28th, so hurry up and go enter! Details are below.

Prize Details

Double Trouble, the brand new PJ Sugar novel by Susan May Warren, is in stores now! To celebrate the release, we’re running a HUMDINGER of a contest!!

One Grand Prize winner will receive a $150 SUPER SLEUTH prize package that includes:

* A brand new iPod Shuffle (perfect for those all-night stakeouts)

* A $10 iTunes gift card (we recommend the ALIAS soundtrack)

* A $10 Amazon gift card (why yes, they do sell spy pens)

* A $10 Starbucks gift card (for fuel, obviously)

* A pair of designer sunglasses (be stealthy AND super chic)

* A gorgeous scarf from World Market (can also be used as a blindfold, and/or for tying up bad guys)

* AND signed copies of both Nothing But Trouble & Double Trouble. (romance! danger! intrigue! sooo much better than Surveillance for Dummies!)

We’ll announce our super sleuth winner on March 1st.