Saturday, May 2, 2009

Well Now, That Explains A Lot!

In my research with regard to my kidney disease, I read that chronic kidney disease causes memory/concentration issues in the brain. REALLY good to know since yesterday, I had some issues in that department.

You know how sometimes you will be looking for your eyeglasses only to eventually discover that they are on the top of your head? Even if it's never happened to you personally, we've all seen it on sitcoms, right?

Well yesterday, I was walking out of Target and I reached up to get my glasses off of my head, and they weren't there. I panicked for just a moment, and checked again. Can you guess where this is going?

I realized after just a minute or two of this panic, that I was wearing my glasses...

Yep. No joke.

Now in my defense, it is an old habit of mine to put my sunglasses on top of my head when I go into a store, and put them back on when I walk out. Problem is...these were my regular glasses. And I've been wearing them for well over a year now...which means that I haven't worn my glasses on top of my head for over a year now...geesh!

Personally, I blame it on the kidney disease....and I'd like to chalk junior high up to this disease as well. Just for the record. :)

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Mocha with Linda said...

LOL - I can relate.

After I had Lasik, I can't tell you how many times I tried to take my contacts out.