Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I really cannot think of a title for this post, so I went back to what I learned from Mary Poppins, "So when the cat has got your tongue, there's no need to dismay, just summon up this word and then you've got a lot to say! But better use it carefully or it can change your life..."

I don't think anything life changing is going to happen, but hey, I have a blog-post title where I had none before!

Have you ever walked into say, your kids' room, and the chaos was so great that you didn't know where to start? That's where I am with this post. I've been out of it for so long, I'm not quite sure how to jump back in...

So, I thought, I'd get back to the basics...the cakes! Part of the reason that I've been in and out so much (mostly out) over the past two months is the number of cakes and cookies that I've done for my friends and family. Baking and decorating all of them and then trying to keep up with the homeschooling and general life activities around here, didn't leave me much time to stop by and chat with you...much less post pictures. So I have come here today to do just that. Post pictures. It's a small step, but it's a step nonetheless. May the drooling begin!

I made 2 dozen of these cookies for my nephew's birthday. My niece called and wanted cookies for him, and she said "All he cares about is bowling, can you do bowling cookies?" So, here you go...bowling cookies.

Then, one of my favorite kids (whom I did NOT give birth to) was turning 6 and wanted a football cake. You can't tell from this picture, but the chocolate fondant was textured to look like an actual leather football. :) (By the way, the reason I like him so much is that he said I'm still pretty skinny for being so old!)

Another friend of mine had a brother getting married again, and he asked if I would make a small cake for a wedding at his house on Valentines day.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to recreate a baby shower cake I had made previously for a baby boy shower...but this time for a girl. I never like to do the same cake twice, so I did change it up a bit with some ideas I got at the Cake Show earlier this month.

On that same day I did a wedding cake for the daughter of our church's worship leader. It was a very simple cake, so I figured I could do both in one day....honestly, the baby shower cake took longer than the wedding cake! They didn't want any topper on it, but it was supposed to have a flower on the top...the florist forgot that little detail, so they just had me continue the leaves and vines on the top of the cake.

And finally, just this past weekend, I was asked to make a cake for a friend's niece who was getting married. The cake was for a couple's shower for both the bride and groom. They both play guitar and lead worship at their church, and the sentiment on the cake was what was written on their wedding invitation. In case it's tough to tell from the photo, the cake is a double heart....not a set of bongo drums. :)
Okay, so now you are all caught up on my cake and cookie world, and I'm hungry! Talk amongst yourselves while I go find something to snack on...


Tracye said...

Your work is AMAZING!!!

I think my favorite is the baby shower cake. I loved it at the show; it was one of my favorites there, too.

I can't believe how much you can get done, and homeschool, and wear all the other hats moms wear!

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. You never cease to amaze me with your giftedness. Soooo cute!

Mel said...

You are sooooooo talented holy smoly!!!!

Cheri said...

You HAVE been busy! And I've missed you, but I completely understand! I don't decorate cakes, but I still find it difficult to find time to blog these days!

Anonymous said...

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Marcy said...

I love the cakes... I am finally getting into blogging regularly (thanks for the tip to do so). You inspired me...love you!