Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It Was The Girliest Birthday EVER!!!! Part Two

With the first day of The Girliest Birthday Ever over and done with, there was only the second day of girliness left to tackle! Since the girl’s birthday is in January, having birthday parties at the park is a difficult thing to accomplish. Although most of January was in the 70’s and occasional 80’s here, deep in the heart of Texas, you just never know what the weather will do. One year we planned an outdoor party because the weather had been so nice, and when the birthday party day arrived, it was cold and rainy…so, we quit planning outdoor parties. But that’s always what she wants…

Fortunately, the week of her birthday, the 70’s left us for the 30’s and 40’s, and I was able to defend my decision not to plan a party at the park! My consolation to the girl was to allow her to choose one friend and take the two of them to The Party Image for an afternoon of pampering…girly style! It was fabulous!

The place is only for girls 17 and younger. When the girls walked in, they were given pink satin robes to put on over their clothes, and little slipper socks to put on their feet.

We couldn’t afford the whole spa experience, so I let Maddie choose just a few of the activities that would fit in our budget. She chose to get their fingernails and toenails done (polish only-not the full mani-pedi) and get fancy hairdos.

They got their hair done first. They got to choose from four different styles, and then the styles were adapted to fit their hair length. (Maddie’s was a tad too long for the style she chose and her friend’s was too short for her choice.) They have high school girls that do all the pampering, and the girl they got was so much fun. Her name was Julie and she was the only girl in a family of 4 as well, so she and Maddie just talked and talked and talked!

Then it was on to the nail room! I was absolutely thrilled to see the polish selection available for them to choose from. At our house, we have rules about what colors are appropriate for little girl’s hands and feet, and I wasn’t sure if her friend had the same rules, and what I would do if she picked out a red polish or a blue or green color! I didn’t need to worry, all the colors were pastels and they only had lavenders, pinks, and pearl colors…the lady that owns the place is one smart cookie!

So, they got to listen to Hannah Montana while getting their finger nails painted and just look at these chairs they sat in to have their toes done! Aren’t they fabulous? I tell you, it was 7 year old girl heaven. When they were all done, they got to take a picture on the chaise lounge, and the birthday girl got a copy to take home with her.

And, as if that weren’t enough…they got to keep every.single.thing. they used on them!!! They got to keep the hair brushes (which folded up into a hair clip, by the way), the hair accessories used in their fancy hairdos, they got to choose two different nail polishes (one for fingers and one for toes) and they got to bring both home, as well as toe separators, a nail file, and a rhinestone temporary tattoo…just for fun! And guess what else? They put Maddie’s picture in a zebra gift bag and threw in a package of temporary jeans tattoos as well! They put the bag with her other presents and just told her it was her birthday present from them! She was sooooo thrilled!

Are you wondering what jeans tattoos are? Yeah, I figured… They work very much like regular temp. tattoos, except that you get it wet, hold it onto your jeans for 20 seconds, peel away the backing, and voila, you have a design on your jeans. Then when you put the jeans in the washer, it dissolves away! There are 20 or so tattoos in the package, but so far she has only sported a rose and a pansy on her right back pocket.

So, the whole experience was totally worth the money, and I plan to save up for the next time so she can get the whole mani-pedi experience and invite more friends. It was a totally FABULOUS day, and the perfect finish to the Girliest Birthday EVER!


Darlene R. said...

That looks like so much fun! They don't have places like that around here.
So glad she enjoyed it!

Mocha with Linda said...

My girl went to a party there a couple of years ago. It's really fun. And they even had Christian music playing!

She and her friend are too cute!

luvmy4sons said...

I miss out on all this stuff with four boys. It looks like she had the best time!

julie said...

Wow, what a fantastic party. My daughters would have loved that!!

My Three Peanuts said...

What a little beauty she is! Her days looked totally exciting! So happy for her! And yes...I think your hubby's glasses look fab too! :)