Sunday, December 30, 2007

At Least I'm Still Cold in Church!

I have not mentioned to you, my internet friends that I have been suffering from some pretty severe headaches of late, but I have. Really, really severe. And of course, I lived with them for more than a month, trying every over-the-counter medication I could find to get rid of them. When it finally occurred to me that my arms were not long enough to hold my book out far enough for me to properly focus on it, and that I was spending a great deal of time during the day squinting at things across the room, I considered the fact that perhaps my headaches might just have something to do with my eyeballs!

So, I made an appointment with Dr. Dennis (no, I'm not kidding) and after an exam and a visit to LensCrafters, I was rewarded with the following statement, "Yes ma'am, your bi-focals will be ready in 7-10 days." Um, excuse me? What was that?

Ah yes, welcome to the joys of life in your forties...

Because I had all four of the children with me (where else would they be?), they chose my frames for me. It's taking me awhile to get used to the new face I see in the mirror, (yes, I can now see my face in the mirror!) but I hear that they are very hip, and happening...I'm not so sure how hip bi-focals can really be, but I did get the no-line type, so no one has to know! So how about we just keep that little detail between us, shall we? (And yes, I'm aware that this is not a very good picture.)

And because I know you're scratching your head about for being cold in church? Our church is freezing. I take a sweater with me even in the summer because it is so cold in there. Occasionally, however, I will see some poor woman across the room madly fanning herself. There can be only one reason for this my flash! Therefore, as I sat in church on Sunday with my new bi-focals, I found I was still able to find something to praise God guessed it....AT LEAST I'M STILL COLD IN CHURCH!!! Hallelujah and Amen!

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Kelli said...

Too funny (not the glasses, the hot flash thing)....

Since I wear contacts, I was nervous about the bi-focal thing. I most definitely started seeing a difference a couple years ago. However, what they did was give me two lenses- one is for long distance, one is for reading. My brain evidently alerts at to which eye to use when.

Geesh. Who'd a thunkit!

I'm lovin' those frames, lady. Very sassy! And, I'm still contemplating cutting my hair somewhat short like yours. I've made a chickened out on two appts so far.