Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First Things First

I have been terribly negligent in a bit of bloggy business, and since I am finally back, I feel that I must take care of it right away...

Several months ago I was contacted by someone from Zondervan Publishing and asked to review a book on this blog. Being the book lover that I am, I jumped at the chance to receive a FREE ONE! What I received in the mail was this book:

Author: Ravi Zacharias

Synopsis: With inspiring stories and thought-provoking questions, Ravi Zacharias traces the multiple threads of our lives, describing how the unseen hand of God guides our joys, our tragedies, our daily humdrum to weave a pattern of divine providence and meaning.

When the book arrived in the mail, I was quite excited. Who wouldn't be, after all, to be presented with a book that will explain how God uses the events in our lives to weave His tapestry? The minute I started reading, I thought to myself, "Hmm. They probably should have sent this book to Lisa at "The Preacher's Wife" instead of me! The man is highly intelligent, people, and writes to intelligent people. It reminded me of some of my textbooks in college, and though it has been a long time since I've read anything more challenging than, "Is Your Mama a Llama?", I thoroughly enjoyed the book!

The stories he used as examples were so engaging and thought provoking, that I was immediately drawn in. Through his commentary and story-telling, Ravi Zacharias makes you want to live your life with purpose. He makes you anxious to see the final tapestry that God is weaving in your life, and yet he also teaches you how to patiently live each day of your life allowing God to weave each thread in His own time.

It was a fabulous book, and I do highly recommend it! I'll be passing my copy along to some lucky reader in the near future. So, if you are interested in reading this book, just leave me a note in the comments and I'll pass it along to one of you! If, however, you just can't wait...you can find this book at most book stores or you can order it straight from Zondervan.

Now I must go get breakfast for the kiddos, but I'll be back later with a BRAND NEW BLOG AWARD! Oh yes, I thought this one up all by myself...and yes, there is a story behind it. Stay tuned, folks. Stay tuned.


The Preacher's Wife said...

I love Ravi!!! How cool that you got to do this :))


julie said...

The book sounds great.

What a good mom actually making your kids breakfast. Don't you hate it that they actually expect to be fed three times a day. lol.

RealEstateGirl said...

Wow! It's been along time since I visited! I'm going to catch up now on what you've been up too!

Hope all is well, my friend! I've been covered up too and not able to "visit" as often as I'd like!

Cheri said...

Mel - my Cathing Fireflies arrived this week. Now I can use one I ordered from Marcy as a giftie in my Bible Study group. How exciting for me!

Oh - and please throw my name in for this book as well. Sometimes (oh, especially this week) I need definate reminders on how God is weaving my tapestry!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

This sounds like a great book, Melody. I had to laugh at your mama llama remark because boy, I'm the same way. I have a couple of pretty deep books waiting to be read, too. But it takes discipline on my part to dive in. :-)